TechBeat survey 2019 results: Cloud security

Posted by John Ryan
on 24-Apr-2019 08:42:00

In March 2019, TechBeat in association with Zinopy and Check Point, conducted a survey to determine how we are managing cloud security in Ireland.

Cloud computing, and the security thereof, has become an increasingly important part of the IT strategy for Irish organisations. This is especially so in light of digital transformation efforts and ambitions.

However, issues around cost, scalability, control and data protection, have led some organisations to take applications back from public cloud. Also, with other options and approaches now emerging, such as multi-cloud and edge computing, it has meant that organisations are rethinking architectures and management.

None of these developments have done anything to reduce either the complexity or the burden of protecting data, applications and platforms.

TechBeat, in association with Zinopy and Check Point, conducted a survey in March among 82 Irish IT professionals to gauge how Irish organisations were utilising cloud options, and more importantly, how they were protecting those usages.

For example, Question 4 asks what factors would prevent you from choosing a cloud service? It is interesting to note that compliance (67%) and security (74%) are what organisations perceive as the main barriers to cloud adoption. Yet, most organisations seem to adopt cloud technologies without giving due consideration to these two serious concerns. 

The picture that emerges is one of widespread adoption, with a significant intent among those that are not yet doing so, combined with serious concerns in areas such as the security posture of third parties and service providers.

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Written by John Ryan

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