Citrix XenApp 6.5 end of life approaching - Here's why to upgrade to XenApp 7.15

Posted by James O'Regan
on 06-Dec-2017 20:23:37

As you may be aware XenApp 6.5 is coming to the end of its life on June 30, 2018 and if you have yet to upgrade no need to panic but now is the time to start planning your migration.

I know a lot of customers have hesitated in upgrading because of a lack of feature parity in XenApp 7.x but with the release of 7.15 I believe we have now reached that stage.


Here are some key facts about 7.15:

•    7.15 is an LTSR (Long Term Service Release) meaning it is perfect for environments that don’t wish to enter a current release program of 4 upgrades a year.
•    This is the last release that will support 2008 R2 and Windows 7 so it the perfect release if you are not ready to migrate your desktops off these platforms.
•    It comes with 5 years of mainstream support and another 5 years of extended support can be purchased if required so you have total trust in the stability of the platform.
•    Full feature parity with XenApp 6.5 including the beloved LHC (Local Host Cache).
•    Full support for Windows 10.
•    Support for Cloud, the 7.15 VDA (Virtual Desktop Agents) are fully compatible with the Citrix Cloud XA/XD service.

For those of you not familiar with Long Term Service Release here is a brief overview:

•    LSTR is the perfect option for large enterprises that don’t wish to engage in a constant feature update schedule.
•    With LTSR, you will have regular access to fixes typically void of new functionality for predictable on-going maintenance. With each LTSR comes new extended support timelines that let you plan ahead for upgrades at a pace that’s right for you and your organisation.

Citrix diagram.png
The diagram above highlights the differences between the release models.

And here are some key benefits of LTSR:
•    Extended support for up to Ten Years. You have five years of mainstream support and five years of extended support.
•    Predictable maintenance thanks to scheduled cumulative updates. Cumulative updates are regularly released containing fixes but without new features, allowing the scheduling of maintance and reducing the risk to the environment.   

In my opinion now is the right time to make the switch to XenApp 7.15.

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Written by James O'Regan

James is a Senior Solutions Architect with over 13 years Citrix experience focusing on the architecting and implementation of EUC (End User Computing ) projects. In 2017 James was awarded the status of Citrix Technology Advocate which rewards those in the community that have demonstrated the technical knowledge, community passion, and thought leadership that Citrix would like to recognise.
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