Learn how to deliver a brilliant VDI user experience

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is the process of running a user desktop inside a virtual machine which lives on a data centre server. It’s a form of desktop virtualisation because it offers personalised desktops for each individual and has the security of centralised management.

One of its biggest benefits of VDI is that it provides employees with the mobility to access virtual desktops anytime, from anywhere via any device. It also enables organisations to streamline costs by consolidating and centralising the desktops. 

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Learn how to deliver a brilliant VDI user experience with a tightly integrated hybrid cloud solution at our lunch in Dublin on 28 June

VDI gives your end users the freedom to move beyond a fixed workplace to use technology in a way that fits how they work. However, as organisations adopt VDI, new challenges have emerged around managing underlying architecture complexities and bringing together separate IT teams ― end user and data centre ― to work collaboratively.
A jointly developed and validated solution from Nutanix and Citrix overcomes these challenges. It unites the industry-leading Citrix end-user experience with Nutanix one-click simplicity for a cost-effective solution that minimises risk while increasing the time-to-benefit for your organisation.
At our informal lunch, we will discuss the drivers and benefits of VDI today and how this new approach provides a turnkey solution with a consistent user experience and linear, predictable scalability. An introduction to the topic will be followed by a discussion over a delicious 3 course lunch.


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